Why work with us?

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Software written by our students

Recruiting a job-ready designer can be a challenge. Finding one ready to adapt to whatever is thrown at them is even harder, and yet, it's often a necessity. Why not start looking where it all begins, and help us bridge the gap between learning and doing?

ALGOSUP is a hands-on teaching environment. Unlike most business schools in France, our curriculum doesn’t include internship. Instead, we provide our students with real-life commercial experience.

Our students’ school projects double as business projects. They work remotely for international companies, and gain a worldwide work experience. We choose those job opportunities carefully to match in size and complexity our students’ levels and current courses.

On average, a professional project involves a team of six students, two days a week for six weeks. Our rate is €150 per day per student.

While our students travel virtually through a diversity of workplaces, cultures and requirements, we’re also proud to present to others our school and our students…

Getting to know each other

We organize regular corporate visits. It's an opportunity to show our students how companies actually work, and how software is needed at almost every level. We're always curious to learn what you do, how you do it and why, the problems you face and the solutions your require.

Likewise, our doors are open to companies and experts. We are eager to introduce you to the next generation of software designers. And what better learning experience for our students but to talk with you about your needs, your goals, and even why you chose your field of expertise (or maybe that field chose you? Life, after all, has more imagination than the best software architect).

Contact Us!

Our first cohort started in September 2020. They still have a lot to learn before they can help create what you need, but they’re already eager for real-life experience.

Whether you’d like to partner with us, or contribute as an instructor, now’s always the perfect time to start discussing possibilities.