Become the professional that software companies are queuing up to hire. Apply to ALGOSUP today.

BD_ALGOSUP Soft Skills 6

Open to everyone!

No minimum experience is required in either Programming or English to apply to ALGOSUP (beginners are welcome).

Prerequisites to apply to ALGOSUP

Hold a high school diploma or a two-year/three-year post-secondary diploma or equivalent.

Have a predisposition for software development (detected through our video game

Be motivated, curious, persistent, and willing to commit to a long-term educational journey (2 to 5 years).

The four steps to complete to become an unmatched developer!

Thanks to ALGOSUP’s curriculum, you will become a highly skilled professional that companies would love to hire.

Paying for Your Studies

Tuition Fees

The school’s tuition fees amount to €9,500 per year. We understand it can be a significant amount of money, but you are investing in your future.

Please note that the fees include IT equipment, books, educational resources, exam fees, field trips...

Financing your Studies

Your tuition can be financed through:

An exclusive ALGOSUP student loan, that we have negotiated for you. The loan is tailor-made for ALGOSUP students, with no guarantor required, to make studying with us accessible to all. The start of the repayment is deferred until you graduate and find a job. The only restriction is that you must be an adult in your country of origin.

And/or self-financing.

A €2,500 down payment must be made upon registration.

The rest of the school year’s fees are due a month before classes begin.


If you would like more details, please contact us.