The school

A new kind of school for a unique learning experience

An immersive english environment

Our courses are all in English.

English is not an admission requirement, though. It's just another language that our students learn by practicing, and in context. We're at their side to help all of them become perfectly fluent before they start their career in an international workspace.

A book open on a table with hand sanitizer, highliter and construction blocks in the background

Expert instructors

Our instructors are experienced professionals and experts in their fields rather than formal teachers. Their practical knowledge is key to prepare our students to the ever-changing reality of their chosen career.

Our students learn with them what is actually required of a software designer working with the Tech Giants or in another challenging part of the industry. More importantly, they learn from their instructors' passion and creativity.

We're also proud to present to our instructors the next generation...

… and turn their visit into an opportunity to show off our little corner of the world. Set to the South of Paris, it's a beautiful part of France between history, gastronomy, and the Loire Valley.

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An innovative methodology

We don’t have formal teachers. We don’t have formal classrooms either. Our students learn by doing.

The more recent research show that the traditional way is not always the best way. Neuroscience and cognitive science give us a better understanding of the learning process. We use that approach to adapt and pace our courses. On the other hand, we let our student be autonomous and responsible for their own progress. Together, we build the learning curve.

Designing software requires a large array of skills, not only programming, but analyzing needs and creating solutions. Our students discover the latest tech innovation alongside the necessary core knowledge. They learn to adapt, and how to face every tech evolution in the future, or even better, anticipate them.

What does a week in such a teaching environment look like? Well, it’s a subtle balance between three software days, one focused on English, and one on soft skills.

Our campus

More than a school, ALGOSUP is a community. Our students start as a diverse group. Some have a high school diploma, others are changing course mid-term - or are self-taught.

We're also keen to open the doors to women. The gender gap in tech is as important in France as it is elsewhere. We purposefully reach out to girls and women who might have an interest in software development.

They all come to us with a common goal. With us, they learn how to collaborate to achieve it.

A modern, spacious kitchen, with a long table and chair, a fridge, and several microwaves on the countertop