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Teaching students how to create a better future for everyone.


Trying to decide on a career path is overwhelming

There are hundreds of degree programs to choose from. Everyone giving advice—and the clock is ticking. Meanwhile, your future hangs in the balance. No wonder you’re stressed.

Allow us to suggest a career option you may not have considered. Software Developer.

Not convinced? Hang fire with that thought. Hear us out…

The world runs on software

In the past software was mostly confined to PCs. Today, EVERYTHING requires computer code. Cars, vacuum cleaners, gaming systems, smartphones — you name it. But, there’s a problem. As global demand for new technology grows, companies are struggling to find software developers who know their stuff. And the gap between supply and demand is widening at an alarming rate.

To produce next-generation software, Industries need next-generation software developers.

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Software is just for geeks, right?

Not true.
ALGOSUP is reinventing computer science for the real world - and real people.

Heads up - we’re not just looking for geeks.

Software development is for curious, adventurous people who love solving problems.

And you don’t even need to know how to code. Here’s the thing. Most computer science degrees are obsolete before new graduates remove their caps and gowns. That’s why we took our decades of real-world experience — starting tech companies and programming for various industries — and created a radical new software development curriculum. One that is relatable in the real world and will ensure your skills are in high demand when you leave.

ALGOSUP - a revolutionary approach to education

Our international school has been designed the way we develop software, by applying creative thinking to solve problems. It is...


Partnered with international companies who are on a waiting list to employ our graduates

Led by a "faculty" of experts from the world of “big tech” — not by out-of-touch academic types

Focused on developing the whole student—not just imparting technical knowledge

Seeking applicants with an enquiring mind, a thirst for knowledge and a deep commitment to the full curriculum.

Turning out graduates that major companies line up to hire!

The steps to complete to become an unmatched developer!

No other path makes more sense right now in our ever-changing world

Don’t settle on a career path without exploring the creative and rewarding world of software development.

Take time out to play the game and test your skills. You’ve nothing to lose and everything to gain. No experience required – just a head for problem solving and an ambition for adventure.

ALGOSUP provides the gateway to the fulfilling career most people only dream of – one where you can develop tools with the potential to enhance the lives of literally billions of people.