Who Are We?

The history of the creation of ALGOSUP


Starting from a blank page

First and foremost, we must confess: we don’t come from the education system… and that may be good news!

Éric and Franck have recruited hundreds of developers in their careers and have always been frustrated by the level they had upon graduation (they did not possess the skills expected in the business world, and the knowledge they had acquired was not useful in the professional world). Éric, Franck, and Natacha have one thing in common: they had somewhat traditional education backgrounds (the same engineering school for Éric and Franck and management studies for Natacha). All three of them wanted to create the school they would have dreamed of attending.

They started from scratch to avoid being burdened by outdated habits and put their obsession with results at the service of one goal: bridging the cultural gap between studies and work.

Some schools chose computer science opportunistically (it’s true that the needs are immense), but that’s not their case. Éric and Franck have been passionate about software development since they learned how to use a keyboard. In thirty years of their careers, everything has changed except their enthusiasm for the subject and their irresistible need to learn new things.

The Three Founders


Franck began his career by developing Ubisoft’s first video games when it was still a tiny startup. He also had the opportunity to work for BusinessObjects when everything was still to be invented, long before the acquisition by SAP for 4.8 billion euros. Curious and imaginative, he has patented several inventions and notably contributed to solving the problem of broken links on the Internet. Drawn to the richness of multicultural exchanges, he has founded companies in France, England, and the United States and has spent time in around fifty countries.


Éric has never been an employee and is a pure serial entrepreneur, capitalizing on every success to build the next one and aiming for even greater achievements. His last success before ALGOSUP: Ledger, the world leader in securing crypto-assets. Founded in 2014 and valued at over 1.5 billion dollars, it is officially the 17th French unicorn. Éric also appears on the show “Qui Veut Être Mon Associé” on national French television channel M6. In addition to the show, he has made about thirty investments in technology companies and sits on the board of directors of some of them.

Natacha BOEZ

Natacha has been passionate about entrepreneurship for as long as she can remember, especially because being an entrepreneur means having the power to make things happen. Before ALGOSUP, she supported startups in their launches and organized events dedicated to entrepreneurship (including Startup Weekends where she met Franck). Equally drawn to teaching, she created entrepreneurship awareness workshops for young people, which she developed in secondary schools, high schools, and higher education. Through the creation of ALGOSUP, she contributes in her own way to changing the world of education.