Admission process

Become an ALGOSUP graduate software architect

The process

We start with a fifteen minutes chat on the phone and get to know our potential student.

After that first step, it's time for a video game. We created it specifically to assess programming skills.

We don't care about winning. Instead, we watch carefully how the applicants deal with their mistakes, how they explore the interface, experiment, and what strategies they implement.

Then - and only then - do we set up a formal interview. We focus on their professional goals, their eagerness to learn and commit to a five-year curriculum.

Finally, we don’t test their English, even though our school is an English immersive environment. ALGOSUP is open to all levels. By the end, each student is perfectly fluent.

An applicant is playing a specifically designed video game

Financial aid

We believe in quality, but we’re also proponents of diversity. ALGOSUP couldn’t let tuition be a barrier to someone’s dream.

We partnered with two local banks, Banque Populaire Val de France and Crédit Agricole Centre Loire.

Our low-income students can apply to one or the other depending on their curriculum for an unsecured loan, if need be.

Our financing partner during one of our open days

Open days

ALGOSUP’s doors are open - figuratively and literally. Potential applicants, corporate partners and instructors are welcome to visit our school throughout the year during dedicated open days (depending on COVID-19 restrictions). If you've never been to Vierzon, we can also recommend a number of local sites to discover after your visit.

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Our campus manager guiding a visit during one of our open days

Coding bootcamp

We’re a school unlike any other because our courses are adapted to the practical and evolving reality of software programming. Our students learn through a hands-on process.

ALGOSUP also offers monthly coding bootcamps - either on campus or remotely. Our camps are open to anyone over 15 who wants to learn programming, or hone their skills.

Participants can use our computers onsite, and work on their own (Windows, Mac or Linux) remotely. We only require a webcam and internet access.

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Coding at our bootcamp